March 22, 2021

Cacao vs Cocoa, what’s the difference?

Cacao vs Cocoa, what’s the difference?

Article at a glance: 

  • This article highlights the difference between cocoa and cacao which are derived from the same cocoa seed. 
  • Most people are aware of cocoa, the processed form of cacao used in most chocolate products.
  • Some people are not aware about cacao, how it is made, honoured in ceremonies and the health benefits. This article highlights the distinct differences between them.


Table of Contents:


  • What is Cocoa?
  • What is Cacao?
  • The process of making Ceremonial Cacao
  • Medicinal Properties
  • Creating a morning routine for yourself 
  • Beliefs about Ceremonial Cacao


How is Cocoa different from Cacao?

Cacao and Cocoa seem to be similar words, but the properties of both ingredients are completely different from each other. Cocoa is consumed in a processed form, whereas Cacao is the natural and unprocessed form and origin of this seed.


What is Cocoa?

Cocoa powder is made from Cocoa seeds, which are derived from the Cacao tree also known as Theobroma Cacao. 1

Most people are aware of Cocoa, using cocoa in their daily routine from a morning cup of coffee to making dessert for dinner. Cocoa is generally used for making hot and cold beverages.

In addition to this, it is also used as an ingredient to flavor the bakery products and as a core element for making chocolates, which are considered as a symbol of love and affection. The cocoa seed is processed for longer duration and at high temperature as compared to Cacao seed, which eventually results in lowering the nutritional value of Cocoa. 4

 Some people today are looking for ways to be more productive and working extra hours so they many choose coffee which helps to keep them awake. It's quiet possible, however, that coffee may have a negative impact on health according to many studies. A great alternative to coffee is Cacao! 


What is Cacao?

Over 5000 years ago, Cacao trees were cultivated in South America, i.e Cacao trees were domesticated by the people living in amazon regions and then spread their roots to northern regions. Beans of Cacao trees harvested for making both the cacao and cocoa powder.  Cacao is mainly used for making chocolates or ceremonial drinks consumed as medicine for spiritual health.

Cacao comes in organic form, but the companies decide to sell their taste rather than its natural benefits. The process leads to loss of nutritional value, healthy enzymes and natural fat. 3

According to science, the plant must be consumed with its natural properties as consuming the plants with its natural properties. Natural ingredients are absorbed by the body faster than its processed forms which lead to changes in the nervous system of the individual. 1


The process of making Ceremonial Cacao:

When fermentation takes place, Cacao beans develop a texture and flavour which is changed after the grinding process. The ceremonial paste is derived after fermenting and roasting the Cacao beans in sunlight, peeling the husks and grinding them with the stone for turning it to a powder. The powder is then turned into a paste which includes fats, essential for stimulating the natural properties. 4


Medicinal properties

  •         It reduces the risk of heart disease: it contains potassium, which helps in lowering inflammation and relieving the stress from the cells. Inflammation not only leads to heart-related diseases, but high inflammation can also cause severe diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer, depression, etc.
  •         Reducing the risk of diabetes: cacao powder includes flavonoids, that help to manage the sugar level and ensure the smooth flow of blood to heart and brain. Hence, eliminating blood clots and lowering the risk of blood pressure problems.
  •         Source of nutrition: cacao powder includes many ingredients which are responsible for leading a healthy life. For example, two tablespoons of Cacao powder include:
  • 130 gm Calories
  • 7 gm: Protein
  • 6 gm: Fat
  • 13 gm: Carbohydrates
  • 8 gm: Fibre
  • 0 gm: Sugar. 3


Beliefs about Ceremonial Cacao

Many ancient Mesoamerican civilisations are using cacao in its raw form for over a thousand years in the events of celebrations and ceremonies. Cacao not only possesses healing properties but also helps an individual to take care of himself with nourishing elements.

With the increase in workload, people drink almost three cups of coffee on an average basis. It has become a source of stress and depression as caffeine keeps people awake and lack of sleep leads to cognitive disorders.

In the case of Ceremonial Cacao, it helps an individual to stop for a moment, listen to his thoughts and feel the moment. It helps an individual to realise, what he has earned and learned so far in his life? A person sees himself in the present, how is everything going on in his life?

Drinking Cacao, not only helps in honouring, finding and loving yourself but it also helps us to create stronger relationships with our loved ones. Cacao is considered as an element for establishing a connection with yourself and determining who we are? 3


Need to have a morning routine

It has been believed that Morning time is the best to start something new, learn something new and perform something new, so why don’t we start with a ‘Morning Ritual’? Ceremonial cacao is considered the best beverage for starting the day with positive vibes and creating a consciousness about who we are and what we want to achieve in life?

Ceremonial cacao not only helps in attaining consciousness but also helps us to connect with the universe, and appreciate every single thing that universe has given us. Take a step towards finding yourself, loving yourself, connecting yourself and most importantly keeping yourself healthy.


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