Discover The Secrets of Ceremonial Cacao - Monday May 30- LIVE ZOOM

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Free Cacao Online Meetup.

Next ONLINE Cacao Meetup: 

Monday May 30, from 08:00 PM to 08:30 PM EST. 


Learn the story + Sacredness of this reverent plan of medicine.

Learn how to create your own Cacao ceremony every morning.

Activate your high heart and raise your consciousness. 

Is Cacao calling you???

You're hearing about this Sacred plant and drink yet you're not sure what it is, how it works and what it can do for you.

You've heard it's the main ingredient to make CHOCOLATE yet you're wondering how it's possible that it's SACRED and a powerful MEDICINE to open your high heart CHAKRA + help you to EVOLVE SPIRITUALLY. 

Imagine you could have a Spiritual Guru in your home every day, communicating with you.

Imagine that Guru was there for you throughout the day, as you move around go about your day.

Imagine that Guru was sharing with you so much higher Spiritual understandings and expanding your awareness that you begin to raise your Consciousness faster than ever before.

And imagine this leading to new beliefs and new realities.

Join us as Judy Machado, Founder of GODDESS TEMPLE CACAO, takes you on a journey of the history of Cacao, the Sacred lineage, the understanding of the Consciousness and a guide to support you in connecting with it through a daily Sacred morning ritual.  

We will send you the zoom link after registering for this event.


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