Life Transcending Coaching & Mentorship with Judy Machado

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After our sessions, clients often feel inspired, whole, and on the path to healing and success. Judy's Transcending Coaching Sessions frequently result in significant shifts in perspective, leading to profound changes in life experiences.

"Judy offers a pathway and grounding into the realm of 5D consciousness. Her embodied presence, the sacred spaces she has created, and her compassionate guidance have continually helped me reconnect with my higher consciousness, loving presence, and inner wisdom. She's a role model of how our choices, habits, thoughts, rituals, and actions shape our experiences. She provides inspiration, knowledge, and practical tools to cultivate an inner world of peace, positivity, and unconditional acceptance, which then manifests in our external reality. It's been an honor to witness her personal journey of awakening, and I'm grateful she is now sharing her insights and offering expert guidance to others on their own paths." - Marci

Here’s an overview of what a typical coaching and mentorship session with Judy Machado involves, which can be tailored to your specific needs:

  1. Goal and Vision Assessment: We'll start by examining your goals and vision. Through dialogue and targeted questions, we'll uncover any blocks you might have. The answers are within you, and our conversation will help you unlock them.

  2. Healing Processes: We may engage in meditation, guided movement, or other healing processes to address past trauma and false beliefs. You possess the ability to heal yourself, and these practices will facilitate that process.

  3. Action Steps and Positive Beliefs: We'll discuss and agree on your next steps to reinforce new patterns and positive beliefs about yourself and your life. This could involve taking steps toward a goal or establishing a daily spiritual practice such as meditation, prayer, or journaling.

  4. Affirmative Prayer: The session will conclude with an affirmative prayer, connecting us with the essence of the Divine within and asserting positive beliefs about the desired outcome. Affirmative prayer acknowledges that we are each guided to our highest good, regardless of any temporary challenges.

After the session, I encourage you to take steps toward your goals to demonstrate your commitment and belief in your desired outcomes. Clients often feel a positive shift in perspective, which can transform their life experiences.

Our sessions are conducted via Zoom, and it is my pleasure to support you in achieving your desires.