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Ingredients: 100% Cacao paste from Ecuador

The Cacao Paste gives us guidance from the Earth, while the Cacao Powder connects us to the Sun, the 528 frequency vs the 432 Earth frequency.

Traditionally the paste has been used Ceremonially to connect us to Earth and to support our BODY.

Cacao has been guiding Judy to include the powder now in the Ceremonial Cacao drink, as we experience an accelerated Global awakening.

Use the Goddess Temple Ceremonial Cacao Powder and/or the Ceremonial Cacao Paste to create your Sacred Cacao drink or to add to smoothies or any other dish. Once you place your order, you will receive an email with details on how to make the Ceremonial Cacao and how to connect to Consciousness. Please include your best email when checking out.

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Each purchase will be followed by an email with support videos to guide you to experience your very own Sacred Cacao Ceremonies at home.


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