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Perfect for your morning cacao ritual or to drink throughout the day! 

Our cacao tea is made from the shells of the Peruvian cacao beans. 

    Ingredients: 100% Cacao bean shells.

    Cacao Tea is the organic raw Cacao shell. Infuse these in water before drinking. Use either a French Press or a mug tea infuser.

    The Cacao Tea (husks and shells from the cacao seed) comes from the same Peruvian Criollo cacao bean of which is harvested for our Ceremonial Cacao Powder.  To learn more about how specifically this is harvested, scroll above to the Ceremonial Cacao Powder link on our home page. 

    This Cacao, and all other Cacao we sell, is tested for heavy metals, pesticides, salmonella, e-coli, etc. as part of our import requirements.  All our products are imported, accompanied by a proper certificate of analysis.

    With these cacao shells/husks, there's an extra process after peeling the bean as the shells go through an additional heat treatment to kill any possible bacteria or salmonella.  This is all done inside the facility so the product is not exposed to any external contaminants. All of these are extra processes to ensure the efficacy of this beautiful product.

    Each purchase will be followed by an email with support videos to guide you to experience your very own Sacred Cacao Ceremonies at home. Please include your best email when checking out.

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