Honouring Mary Magdalene Sacred Cacao Ceremony

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Sunday December 12

Ceremony: 10:30am-12:30pm EST

2 hours online through ZOOM. This event will not be recorded. 

5 spots are available in person in downtown Toronto. 

Choose how much you would like to pay for this Ceremony (Regular price is $97). These are special prices for special times 💗 Due to the current situation surrounding global events, we are offering multiple prices for our events, Coaching, and Ceremonies, to make it accessible for all.

This link does not include RAW Ceremonial Cacao so plan to add some to your cart.

Once your order is complete, please share your phone number so we can text you to confirm receipt of the ZOOM LINK. We have had issues in the past where our emails have fallen into EMAIL SPAM folders creating confusion for the Attendees who can't find the ZOOM link. (So please confirm your phone number so we can text you to confirm receipt of our email and zoom link). 🙏🏻

This is a Ceremony and a Sacred Space - people arriving late can create disruption to the flow. Please be mindful of this and arrive on time. Have with you a journal and pen, Yoga mat, cup filled with water, cushion to sit on and pillow for your head if you choose to lay down, blanket (for guided meditations), any musical instruments, if you have any. We will send you an email explaining how to prepare for the ceremony. 

To learn more about Honouring Mary Magdalene Sacred Cacao Ceremony, click here.

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