Liberate-Your-Sensual-Feminine Cacao Ceremony in Toronto - Wed, Jan 17

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Wed, January 17, 2023 in Toronto

6-10 P.M. EST

6 spots are available in person in downtown Toronto (#111 Grace Street, off College St). 

Explore your sensuality, reclaim your feminine energy, harness the power of your sexual energy and experience the magic of sensual embodiment.

Join us for this intimate candlelight setting with Ceremonial Cacao to open your heart and release any residual body shame, drumming, and a juicy, guided sensual embodiment breast massage practice. 

  • Explore the Tantric connection between heart and pelvis
  • Experience guided breathwork for heart coherence
  • Receive a heart-opening sacred cacao ceremony 
  • Learn about Tantric breast massage and receive a fully guided practice during our cacao ceremony

We live in a culture that prioritizes yang: always being on the go, with a constant drive for achievement. But constantly being 'switched on' takes its toll. Yin is our counterbalance – the energy of softness, rest, and inward awareness.

When we fail to spend enough time in yin, it depletes our essence (jing), which we rely on to fuel our arousal. In this state of depletion, we find ourselves tired, and disconnected from our sensuality and creativity.

As we enter fall/winter, nature invites us to slow down and move inward.

The focus of this ceremony is on a restorative sensual embodiment practice that will fill your cup, and reconnect you to the pleasure that is always available when your body is soft and relaxed.

This is an experiential ceremony where guests will be learning about their own bodies.

We will be exploring guided breast massage where participants will have the option of removing their tops and following along with the facilitator, learning how to massage their own breasts. This is one of the most LIBERATING experiences that will forever change your life! 

Who is this Ceremony for?

This special ceremony is for women who resonate with any of the following. You:

  • Feel chronically stressed and burnt out
  • Have trouble prioritizing self-care 
  • Find it difficult for you to say no and assert boundaries
  • Feel out of touch with your desire and sensuality
  • Feel like your well has dried up; you have nothing left to give  
  • Have forgotten how to slow down and find pleasure
  • Everything feels like a chore

What you will receive...

Includes all 4 Offerings:

  1. The 4-hour event will include a 2.5-hour Sacred Ceremony with drumming, guided meditations, and a juicy, guided sensual embodiment breast massage practice. You will arrive half an hour early to settle into the space (arrive at 2, we start at 2:30 sharp) and we will share healthy snacks together after the ceremony. 

  2. Home-made, blessed and quantum-frequency-charged rose breast massage oil 

  3. An invitation and 20% discount to the Honouring Mary Magdalene Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Ancestral Womb Healing Cacao Ceremony or Awaken Your Heart Cacao Ceremony

  4. A personalized aura and chakra frequency scan (after the Ceremony)

Join us 

and receive all 4 offerings above! 


Judy Machado of Goddess Temple Cacao will lead the Cacao Ceremony.  MEET OUR CO-HOST,  MONICA FROM WILD EROS COACHING:

Monica is a Sacred Sexuality and Embodiment coach based in Toronto, Canada.

She holds certifications as a Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator and has completed numerous other trainings in psychotherapy, breathwork, yoga, Tantra, kink/BDSM, and Taoist sexuality. She has studied worldwide with prominent teachers including Joseph Kramer, Mantak Chia, Cleo Dubois and Eve Minax. She has been featured on CityLine, Soulspace podcast, and teaches regularly at Oasis Aqualounge’s Sex School Series.

Monica is known for creating a warm and open environment where clients can dive into the most difficult topics surrounding their sexuality. She provides a unique container where clients can explore embodied coaching as well as receive full body touch in a safe and trauma-informed environment. She specializes in creating sacred embodiment practices and helping clients understand and communicate their needs and boundaries.

Monica’s mission is to help build a world where sexuality is no longer taboo, and where we can live in reverence for all of life because we are connected to the sacred within.

If you're new to Ceremonial Cacao and this heart-opening medicine, click here to receive a complimentary GUIDE and What-To-Expect Video:

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