Liberate-Your-Sensual-Feminine Cacao Ceremony & Tantric Embodiment Ritual: in Toronto - June date TBC

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Next date in June 2024 to be announced (watch this space!)

6:30-10 P.M. EST

8 spots are available in person in downtown Toronto (#111 Grace Street, off College St).

Liberate Your Sensual Feminine: Cacao Ceremony + Tantric Embodiment Ritual

Step into a cozy candlelit studio where you’ll enter into ceremony with the heart-opening medicine of Cacao, and receive a guided Tantric embodiment journey to reconnect with your body and reclaim your sensuality. 

In this ceremony, you will receive:

  • A guided journey into the potent medicine of Cacao

  • Powerful drumming to connect with your inner world

  • Introduction to Tantric principles of pleasure

  • An understanding of the connection between your heart and pelvis

  • A guided Tantric practice for self-connection, liberation and sensual embodiment

    In this powerful container of women*, you’ll be invited to rest into your feminine, let go of old scripts that no longer serve you, shed shame, and radically reclaim your sensuality. 

    (*women and people with vulvas)

    The marriage of plant medicine with Tantric practices facilitates an experience where participants can go deeper into their process. 

    Cacao, one of the Master Plant Teachers, is not a psychedelic, however it has been revered for thousands of years by our beloved Indigenous families as a Master Teachers Plant Medicine including Ayahuasca. Its gentle, heart-opening qualities invite receivers to connect with their heart and intuition. The main ingredient, theobroma (translated as "food of the Gods"), helps to create a state of mindfulness and relaxation. 

    Once we connect with the Spirit of Cacao, you’ll be gently vibrated through the sound of a frame drum, the rhythm of which penetrates deep into our cells and brings to consciousness whatever material is calling to be worked with. 

    In this state of relaxed presence and embodiment, you’ll be invited to go on a journey of self-connection through learning the ancient art of Tantric breast massage. This fully guided experience will allow participants to follow along as your facilitator demonstrates the techniques and offers prompts for breathing and deepened body awareness. 

    At the end of our ceremony, participants will be welcome to share any emotions or insights that arose from their experience, and we’ll close with some light snacks and an opportunity to stay and socialize.

    This has been one of our most popular events, selling out nearly every time. If you’ve been curious to join, reserve your spot early!

    What you will receive...

    Includes all 4 Offerings:

    1. The 4-hour event will include a 2.5-hour Sacred Ceremony with drumming, guided meditations, and a juicy, guided sensual embodiment breast massage practice. You will arrive half an hour early to settle into the space (arrive at 6, we start at 6:30 sharp) and we will share healthy snacks together after the ceremony. 

    2. Home-made, blessed and quantum-frequency-charged rose breast massage oil 

    3. An invitation and 20% discount to the Honouring Mary Magdalene Sacred Cacao Ceremony,or the Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

    4. A personalized aura and chakra frequency scan (after the Ceremony

  • Judy's beloved relationship with the Cacao Plant Spirit, began when working intimately with a Shipibo-Conibo-trained Shaman, Laetitia Chonon Soi, followed by an Andean Medicine Man. Trained and Spirit sanctioned/initiated teacher, Judy's purpose is to hold sacred space, mesmerizing others into remembering through daily rituals, Ceremonies, Cacao 16-day Deep Dive Journeys, Ceremony Facilitator Trainings and Cacao + Wellness Retreats in Peru & the Azores.
  • About Monica: Monica is a Sacred Sexuality and Embodiment coach based in Toronto, Canada. She holds certifications as a Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator and has completed numerous other trainings in psychotherapy, breathwork, yoga, Tantra, kink/BDSM, and Taoist sexuality. She has studied worldwide with prominent teachers including Joseph Kramer, Mantak Chia, Cleo Dubois and Eve Minax. She has been featured on CityLine, Soulspace podcast, and teaches regularly at Oasis Aqualounge’s Sex School Series. Monica is known for creating a warm and open environment where clients can dive into the most difficult topics surrounding their sexuality. She provides a unique container where clients can explore embodied coaching as well as receive full body touch in a safe and trauma-informed environment. She specializes in creating sacred embodiment practices and helping clients understand and communicate their needs and boundaries. Monica’s mission is to help build a world where sexuality is no longer taboo, and where we can live in reverence for all of life because we are connected to the sacred within.
  • If you're new to Ceremonial Cacao and this heart-opening medicine, click here to receive a complimentary GUIDE and What-To-Expect Video: