Metamorphosis Guided Cacao Journey To Self

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Metamorphosis is the passing of who you became to please others, and the angelic unearthing of who you truly are, your Divine essence

Two beautiful Souls, Judy Machado and Craig Young, have combined their "heart-opening medicines of Cacao & music" to create a majestic piece of Soul food for humanity! 

This 36 minute exquisite Cacao Ceremony is a guided journey and meditation, recorded to one of Craig's magnificent and world-renowned soundtracks, called Metamorphosis.

The soundtrack includes high-frequency words and phrases: guiding your journey through personal metamorphosis.

The result is a supreme guided journey to be experienced over and over again for radical Spiritual growth. 

What you will receive...

Includes all 7 offerings:

  1. 36-minute Metamorphosis Guided Cacao Journey To Self 
  2. 6-minute Introduction Recording
  3. Mini meditation: Invocation of the Cosmic Mother
  4. Metamorphosis Journey JOURNAL PAGES
  5. Morning Cacao Ritual Guide 
  6. Discount to full Metamorphosis soundtrack  
  7. Coloring Meditation Series

We have designed this guided meditation to include all these offerings to support you in continuing your expansion journey through Consciousness