Money Loves You Sacred Tea Ceremony - Sunday July 2 - online

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Join us live, online on Sunday, July 2 from 4-5:30 PM EST for this magnificent Money Loves You Sacred Tea Ceremony. 

A sacred tea ceremony dedicated to supporting you in unraveling deep-rooted money blocks through new perceptions and sacred rituals?

So you can experience:  

Regular $55 USD/$75 Canadian 

  • a knowing in your bones, that the energy of money is an energy of LOVE and only wants to serve you
  • clarity of your personal gifts and soul's purpose, for greater alignment, so that you can be fulfilled and in joy, to attract wealth
  • crystal clear clarity of your desires so the energy of money knows EXACTLY what to deliver to you
  • deeper surrender to the Universal Laws that govern the loving energy of money 
  • a deep, sacred and loving relationship with the energy of money
  • manifest miracles each and every day, with more flowing to you with less effort
  • more harmonious, loving, life-giving relationships
  • playing your unique role in the healing and awakening of humanity
  • and so much more! 
You will receive an email after registration with details to help you to prepare for this sacred Money Loves You Ceremony. 

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